7 Ways to Use Eggshells (and tips you need to know)

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If you eat eggs, make sure you make the best use of those shells! Most of an eggshell is calcium. In fact, about 95% of shells are calcium carbonate…the same stuff that sea shells, coral, and limestone are made from (the other 5% includes proteins, calcium phosphate, and magnesium carbonate). Here’s a list of what you can do with those shells so the calcium and its brittle shell don’t go to waste.


1) Give your hens a calcium boost. Eggshells contain 95% calcium, and hens need calcium to lay eggs that have those strong shells. There is nothing unhealthy about feeding your hens eggshells, as long as those shells have been sterilized to kill bacteria (see below on how to do this) and offered in ground form. Pay special attention to shell sterilization if you get some of your eggs from another source where you can’t…

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  1. I’m dairy free so maybe I can up my calcium intake this way!

  2. Rita A. says:

    Great information. If I ever get my garden going again I’ll use those shells.

  3. Thanks for that thorough list! I knew some but not all of it. I cant wait to try it around my cabbage!

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