Battling the Desertscape

Palo Verde


Tree trimming… is the worst job in my opinion on the ranch. Yesterday, it took hours to cut back all the Palo Verde trees. If you don’t know, they are nasty wicked trees that are notorious for leaving you with multiple injuries from long pricky thorns.

The Palo Verde grows like a weed, are shallow rooted, and come monsoon season, easily blow over causing substantial damage. It’s important to make sure they are maintained, or be willing to pay the $500 to have it hauled away after it topples over. No thanks.

Landscapers charge $40-$80 to trim each each tree, I have eleven! We may have saved a lot of money doing it ourselves, but sweating to death in 93 degree temperatures was a little more than we bargained for. We survived, but not without war wounds.



Today, more trimming, this time four varieties of Agave. These plants also wear dangerous armor. Thorny spines outline every leaf, with a one inch spike at each tip just waiting to poke somebody’s out. There are over 50 agave on our property, and that is just about 40 too many as far as I’m concerned.

Who on earth planted this ongoing nightmare, what a dummy. Oh yeah…. me.


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