Riding the Burro

Here’s Beamer our 6 year old burro being ridden in just a halter. Someday Beamer will make a fine trail donk for kids, he’s gentle and willing to learn. However, this is indeed a slow process that requires incredible patience. Beamer has the right guy on is back for that job, my husband Dan, his best pal.

2013-05-17 18.02.32

Today was Beamer’s first time in a bridle, yahoo!

2013-05-17 18.11.03


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9 Responses to Riding the Burro

  1. Rita A. says:

    Nice photos. Beamer looks like a fun ride.

  2. Great as so many folks do not understand the weight limit of a donkey. It’s really a sad thing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    lol,didnt know dan rode!! looks mighty nice on his bmw!!

  4. kford2007 says:

    Beamer’s such a handsome lad. I’d love on him a lot.

  5. If you ever die, I want Beamer! LOL BTW, Dan’s looking mighty fine on his steed!

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