The Debate on Pet Vaccines

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If you worry about the suggested vaccination schedules for horses provided by Vets and vaccine distributors, this video may be helpful.
My personal opinion is we probably do over vaccinate, not just horses, but dogs and cats as well.

It’s hard to find information about this subject when most everything  written is by those who substantially profit from the sale of vaccines.

I hope this video sheds a little light on this controversial subject and helps you make your own educated decision.

What is the vaccination program I’m comfortable with here at TBN Ranch?

Spring: Eastern/Western, Flu & Tetanus. Fall: Rhino-Flu.  Strangles every other Fall only on horses under 10 years old.
Dogs & Cats:
Every year the first three years, then every three years until the age of 9.  After the age of nine I have an occasional Titer Test from the vet to determine their level of immunity. I’ve yet to have one come back suggesting vaccines were needed.

The Truth about Vaccines…


The Debate on Vaccinating Horses
By Barb Crabbe, DVM

Are you over- or under-vaccinating your horse? Hear both sides of the debate surrounding vaccination to decide what’s best in your situation. Read Article

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