Happy Hens on a Bad Day

Pipe breaks 2013

Tomorrow Phoenix is expected to see it’s first 110 degree day of 2013. It’s hot, and yes, it’s a dry heat… but not here at TBN Ranch! The pipe that supplies the rear acreage of the property with water broke and dumped about a billion gallons of water from the horse corral all the way to the front curb.

Of course I left the ranch just before all this happened. So all the while I was shopping and wasting time enjoying a coffee from a drive-thru Dunkin donuts, my little farm was flooding.

Hen 2013

The good news is, my free range hens were thrilled with their new lake front property. It was hot and miserable and they were blessed with a nice cool river to play in.  Today, they are equally happy digging for bugs in the mud.

Maybe yesterday was just one of those bad days for me, but to my hens it was the best day ever!

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8 thoughts on “Happy Hens on a Bad Day”

  1. Sorry for your bad day. Makes you think though. Whenever somebody is having a bad day there must be somebody having a good day so the first person needs to be mindful not to let it boil over onto the second person.

  2. Good for one but maybe not the other… I’m sure the chickens enjoyed their bath and now the possibility of food must make their day…

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