Simplify, A Better Plan

TBN Ranch

We have made many decisions concerning our ranch in the past week. Refinancing our home and flirting with the idea of selling has been a stressful journey to say the least.

After reading what many folks wrote in response to my post We are not Immune, I did a bit of research about city condo living. What I discovered is staying here is most definitely in our best interest. But, not without a few changes!

Ranch House

We like our old house, even though it needs some a lot of updating. We like to think it has character, and I’m actually relieved to live here without the constant concern of it’s resale appeal. If it’s good enough for us, it’s good enough for somebody else. right?

An updated kitchen with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances is something we don’t have, and so what. Everything works, the house itself is structurally sound, and in excellent condition inside and out. Someday we may decide to sell, and if fancy updates are what a buyer wants, they should buy a brand new condo in the city, not an old ranch property! ha ha.

tbn chicks may 2011 030

TBN Ranch

The biggest problem around here is the work, and that’s something I can remedy. Simplify, that’s the key to freedom, and that’s exactly what I’ve been up to the last two days. How?

The horses are now all together in a large turn-out, that eliminates the dreaded chore of stall cleaning twice a day. I dismantled two of three chicken areas, there is now only one, where a small flock of free range hens will reside.

These few minor changes are a huge help, but there’s more! My husband is willing to pitch in with chores three days a week.  Also, I hired a landscaper! I’m not killing myself in this heat trying to maintain all these trees and grass anymore. By Wednesday the temperature is supposed to reach 116, that’s all I need to validate paying a groundskeeper. How on earth do they do it? However, over time, I will be replacing all our high maintenance foliage with desert friendly cactus that require nothing but to be admired.

We may not be thrilled with our property appraisal, but at least it forced us to address and manage the obstacles that made us want to sell.


About those home updates… hubby said ok for both bathrooms!  I wonder if he thinks that will get him off the hook on a kitchen… well, maybe for now. ha ha!


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15 Responses to Simplify, A Better Plan

  1. Glad things are working out!

  2. bulldog says:

    These type decisions are sometimes best understood by those that have been through the grindstone of recession type circumstances.. and some how you both seem to have the right mind set for it… for that you are admired… we have a house that we rent out that is 300 km away from us, and we often wonder if all the problems are worth keeping it… but as prices have dropped to such an extent, the value six months ago has drop by easily 35% now… some times we just have to bite the bullet and ride the storm through, only to discover at the end it is still cheaper to stay where we are… but you do sound we organised and experienced… actually I’m glad you’re staying… things will turn around eventually…

  3. shadowlilies says:

    Love simplifying! I hope it all works well for you. I was so interested in reading this post and what is going on in your life, and I got interrupted at least 6 times and had to go do one thing or the other. But now that I’m finished reading it, I just want to thank you so much for sharing! It’s great when you can finally make the decisions and move forward.:)
    I don’t know how you take those 116 temps…it hasn’t reached 100 here yet.

    • tbnranch says:

      I don’t take the heat gracefully, I’m hot and feeling half baked alive during the day. ha ha! I’m doing chores before dawn, and after 7:30 pm! That is helping! Thanks for reading!

  4. Lynda says:

    Glad you’re sticking, Amy! A good native landscaping will enhance your property, not devalue it! You will save money on water, and also a lot of hard work out there in the heat. Look around for a good native landscaper. ASK FOR REFERENCES! They should also have a good portfolio for you to peruse as well. I will have to look, but there is an excellent resource right in Texas. He has been cultivating, and showing how it works for many years!
    PS: Don’t fall for the cacti and crushed rock look! The rocks will just collect weeds, increase the solar heat and be a misery for you.

    • tbnranch says:

      Good advice… especially about the crushed rock… I have a 1/4 acre of that in my front yard… I hate it. It’s impossible to rake up debris from trees and shrubs. Not to mention I have to pay a weed service every year to control that little nightmare. Thanks for the advice!

      • Lynda says:

        I can’t find the old codger who was the native plant specialist, however I did find this through the Ladybird Johnson wildflower site. You might put in your information and see what comes out! 😉

  5. Littlesundog says:

    Bravo to you! We don’t live fancy here… very simple, and we’re very happy. Sounds like you’ve already installed some good changes and ways of simplifying. Life is to be enjoyed, my friend!

  6. Yay you’re staying!! Hubby said he would love to be your grounds keeper! He loves the heat and the gardens and horses and he was a farmer! lol

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