The Cactus Garden

A new space has been created since moving my hens. It’s the perfect place for something that welcomes 115+ degree temperatures, needs hardly any water, and isn’t bothered by birds, rabbits, or pests. Is that possible? Yes indeed, and it’s something that requires absolutely no labor in caring for them. What is it? Cactus!

Carefree 2012 017

Barrel Cactus

I’ve chosen the specimens that I’ve experience with, so I know there’s nothing to do but plant them and walk away. Yay!  I’ve cleared the ground, that’s the first step, now I’m in the planning stages of placement and design. I know where the flood plane is on my property and it partially runs right through the center of that area. I was thinking of trenching it a bit more, layering the bottom with river rock, and placing over it a pretty wooden decorative bridge. How cool would that be? Maybe a park bench and a path featuring solar ground lights. Oh this is going to be fun! Unfortunately it only rains about 12 times a year here, so most of the time it will be bone dry.

There is one lousy job to finish before the creation of the cactus garden. The entire area is enclosed with aviary netting. All of it has to be taken down… and my back will never hold up for this grueling task. It’s supposed to be 111 today, and I just heard… 118 by Sunday, so I don’t think anything is happening outside anytime soon. Besides, the aviary netting removal job is officially become what I call man’s work, because…


There is a disgusting lizard hanging from the aviary netting like a Christmas tree ornament…

Definitely man’s work.


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9 Responses to The Cactus Garden

  1. Uh, yeah. Definitely a job for the dudes. 😉

  2. shadowlilies says:

    Yuck! But I love the cactus!

  3. bulldog says:

    Love cacti leave the lizard where it is… it will fall off in the end……

  4. We only have small lizards here, thank goodness!! I try to avoid snakes too!

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