Our Valley of the Sun

Phoenix, Ovenland in June


This is what it really means to live here in June

• You can instantly fry your ass on the benches at any bus stop or light rail station.

• Your parked car becomes a 350 degree death chamber in a matter of minutes.

• Touching the steering wheel in your car at noon can remove your fingerprints.

• If you eat an ice cream cone outside, most of it ends up on your shoes.

• You’ve been branded by your metal necklace during an outdoor event.

• The cold water in your shower… is hot.

And last but not least, you are a true native if you’ve ever…

Eaten a melted candy bar by licking the wrapper.

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22 Responses to Our Valley of the Sun

  1. Hmmm . . . it also feels like you’re going to spontaneously combust at any moment.

  2. p3farm says:

    Cute… But not funny! Stay hydrated!

  3. Wow!! That is some hot weather for sure. And I thought our 101 with a 109 heat index today was bad. Hugs

  4. bulldog says:

    I love the heat… but that, you can keep…

  5. shadowlilies says:

    Oh…roasting…I think we all want to know how you survive this?? Does it cool off at night at all?

    • tbnranch says:

      A little, at least it’s tolerable at night. That’s when I do most of my shopping, maybe that’s why most stores are open 24hrs. Everything is air conditioned, it’s just best to stay inside as much as you can. Some people work outside all day… I can’t even imagine.

  6. Whoo, glad we got out of there quick. We are amazed of how you can live with that heat.

    • tbnranch says:

      Well, my theory is it’s only three months of crummy weather, the other nine months are paradise. We are amazed that people live in -20 temps! Yikes! Same difference I guess.

  7. You forgot to mention, “Florida looks like Minnesota”.

  8. Oh wow Hubby would have to go without me to be your ranch hand!! lol I hate the heat! I also don’t like tarantulas which you get there right?!

  9. vuchickens says:

    Yikes! How do you keep your animals cool?

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