How to Help Chickens in Extreme Heat

The temperatures are soaring, the concern for your chicken’s well-being  is legitimate, but there are things you can do to help them. How to Keep Chickens Cool, explains in detail the steps necessary to help your birds survive extreme temperatures.

What is extreme? 115+ in the shade, 130 in the full sun, and yes, your birds will survive, with a little effort on your part.  Read the article above, but before you do, waste no time…

• First Step: Dig a shallow hole about 3 feet across in a shady area and fill it with water. Best to keep the hose in it, let it drip to keep it wet. Your birds will immediately go and play in the water. If you can somehow safely get a fan near the area, it would be helpful. Consider using a fence to hang a box fan on if possible.

Gavin Flock
Tip: Keep them hydrated, watermelon is a good source, and they love it!


Confined birds are far less likely to survive the extreme heat. Providing them with a large run, OUT OF THE SUN, is your best tool for success.

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4 thoughts on “How to Help Chickens in Extreme Heat”

  1. We’ve been lucky so far this year in that we’ve only gotten into the 80s. We don’t get the extreme heat you do in the desert though, thank goodness. When it gets into the mid 90s we set up a mister on the hose and leave it on all afternoon. It cools things down nicely but I will definitely keep in mind your technique to help a chicken in distress. Thank you for the great info.

  2. We don’t have this problem in the Uk – its rarely that hot. today was a lovely sunny day 22 degrees C. Our hens have a shelter made of some old pallets and they love to lie under that.

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