Run Bunny Run

bunny in 115 temp
Mom Bunny (in the rear, her pal in front is plastic)

This is the only shade this little gal could find. It’s 115 degrees, her babies are about 20 feet away under a vacant dog house. She’s very been careful to make sure her babies are out of the sun and near a water source.
Although she’s made an effort to keep her babies safe and comfortable, in about two weeks she’ll bring them all to a large grassy area to graze.


Bunny sounds like a good mom, except this is the same grassy area shared my bunny murdering dog Timmi.

Before we let the dog out, we have to yell “Run bunny run!” This ritual is definitely better than picking up dead baby bunnies.

The worst part of it all is Timmi kills them for absolutely no reason.

Sport killing? I just don’t get it. 😦

4 thoughts on “Run Bunny Run”

  1. Such cute rabbits. It is in most dogs nature to guard and protect their territory. If critters in their territory do not belong and they can’t get away fast enough then it is most likely lights out. Chancy has caught and killed a couple of birds. He caught a squirrel once but I hollered at him to drop it and he did the squirrel was lucky I was outside. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. I don’t think it’s sport. My guardians do it too and I finally understand. It’s not mamas. They are there to guard and that critter is not mamas so it must go. Helps knowing this but it’s still hard.

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