Help Stop Donkey Roping

I didn’t know, you probably don’t know, and this is why it’s important to spread the word about how to put an end to donkey roping.

Jason Owen of Dos Gringos Productions: DONKEY ROPING MUST BE STOPPED

Thank you Donkey Whisperer Farm for bringing this to our attention and your part in taking a stand against the mistreatment of donkeys.

Please follow the link below & learn more about this tragic practice.

This little guy pictured doesn’t have a voice… but you do.

Stop Donkey Roping – Please Sign The Petition.

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8 Responses to Help Stop Donkey Roping

  1. kc5klm says:

    Reblogged this on Lazy H Ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma and commented:
    We all must stop this! I am for giving a good life to animals. Yes, I eat beef, pork, chickens, rabbits, etc…, but I want them to have the best life possible until then. They are given by God to provide food or help for us and we have to give them a good life. I don’t know anything about donkeys but they are helpers to us in our ranching.

  2. bulldog says:

    Been and signed…

  3. That’s so awful. It has to be stopped. Thanks for bringing it to our attention πŸ™‚

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