Arizona’s Pet Club Feed and Tack, a Review

pet clubPet Club, claims to have the largest selection of premium & natural pet foods at discount prices. Their stores are popping up all over Arizona, but be advised, inventory differs to meet local demands.

You’ll notice some are feed & tack stores, and others are stocked with retail primarily for small animals. I’ve been to both, their inventory impressively corners a market untouched by the other big name competitors.

Are they Selling at Discount Prices?

Yes, I’ve been shopping feed store prices for 10 years, and I’ve recently switched to Pet Club Feed & Tack for all my livestock bagged feed and hay.  Last month I purchased a load of Bermuda hay for $15.99 a bale. A somewhat competitive price only slightly cheaper than the other local fed stores. But, Pet Club wins the prize for the absolute best quality hay I’ve seen in years. Their hay is local grown, leafy, robust green, clean, and smells fresh. Bagged feed is running about a buck less than local area competitors.


Hay and bulk bagged feed delivery is available for $20, equal, or slightly less than local feed stores. Both in-store and delivery staff are knowledgeable and friendly.


Pet Club is currently in Arizona and Colorado. Watch for this growing company where you live.


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