Bunny Thoughts

It’s 7pm and it’s cooled down to 109, the grass is wet from the sprinklers and there’s even a sliver of shade… life is good.

Yard Bunny


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amy elizabeth, writer, author, antique dealer. Lives in the northeastern reaches of the Sonoran Desert on a small hobby farm.
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5 Responses to Bunny Thoughts

  1. Littlesundog says:

    We’re letting our grass grow a little taller this year too. We’ve been seeing lots of rabbits this year (because we haven’t seen any foxes likely!) but ours don’t have giant ears like yours. Wow!!

  2. tbnranch says:

    This year I’ve been letting the grass grow longer, seems it doesn’t burn quite as bad.

  3. edshunnybunny says:

    Cooled down to 109??? and I thought 95 was hot!

  4. shadowlilies says:

    Looks pretty lush for the high temps you’ve been having. 🙂

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