Three Gifts of Shade

Looks pretty, but the Palo Verde is a nasty tree armed with sharp daggers. They grow in Phoenix with little need for water and bloom pretty yellow flowers about three times per year. I like them regardless of their weapons, in the last ten years the seeds they drop have given me six new trees.

 photo db645c43-d3f7-47cc-8390-0057a73c4cd2_zpsd780e82a.jpg

Palo Verde Tree

This year my big beautiful Palo Verde gave me three new trees, all took root in my backyard. Usually they pick crazy places like the middle of the driveway or along a fence line and have to be removed.  Got lucky this year, these seedlings took root where they can all stay. In two years I will have more shade!

 photo a9e7a37d-238c-4a6d-9779-9bf13ba29ce1_zpsfc41598a.jpg

One of three new trees


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3 Responses to Three Gifts of Shade

  1. Nasty tree with sharp daggers…very descriptive. I’m thinking you don’t like this tree……..

  2. Rita A. says:

    I didn’t know that. Pretty trees.

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