Mr Attitude, my Louie

Every morning Lou has his breakfast on a chair, a bit weird I suppose, but if he sees a halter in my hand it better be leading him to food… or he’ll make sure he’s NOT caught. Lou doesn’t much like anything, especially grooming. So every morning for two years now, he’s lured by food to the chair where he is groomed, handled, and made to accept all the things he hates. Someday, maybe he’ll figure out that I’m his pal, not the boogie man.

Louie 8-13 2 Cropped & Enhanced BLG photo af6f6b90-27a5-477d-b8bf-16ec6f8d2561_zps8c208687.jpg

Louie, 1/2 mini, 1/2 Shetland pony, about 14 years old.

Louie 8-13 cropped & enhanced BLG photo af3a49a9-84d9-4829-abab-c85cfbc99941_zps31a06a94.jpg

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2 Responses to Mr Attitude, my Louie

  1. Littlesundog says:

    Ha!! Louie is just being a man… he has his ways of showing you he’s “large and in charge” of his own world!

  2. Thank goodness that food does the trick with Louie!

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