Picking out my Chicks!

Black Tailed White Japanese Bantam1st choice: Black-tailed White Japanese Bantams

I’ve never had bantams before, thought this year I might see if I can locate a few Japanese bantams.  My Pet Chicken carries them, but they are out of stock. 😦

Bantams aren’t anything special other than for their size, they are small, about half the size of a chicken.  Japanese bantams aren’t easy to find, but lately, they have been advertised on Craigslist by a private party about 30 miles from here. They most likely won’t be sexed, but I’m positive re-homing roosters of this breed will be a breeze.

Attached & enhanced TBN Blog Japanese Bantam photo 519963c5-cdec-452c-bd77-4c41f2ada976_zps1c5ca2f7.jpg


delaware hen


2nd Choice: The Delaware

If I don’t find my pretty bantams of choice, I’m choosing the Delaware. They are available Sept. 30th from My Pet Chicken, but hopefully I can find them local, shipping is pretty spendy!

I’ve chosen this breed because I may try to hatch fertile eggs. The Delaware is a setter, and hopefully at least one of these ladies would like to be a foster mommy.

The brooder is ready, but the coop for young pullets? Well… it’s gone, I sold it, ha ha! Better get busy!

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5 Responses to Picking out my Chicks!

  1. bulldog says:

    Love the Bantams…

  2. A New Path says:

    We had a Delaware chick one year but she didn’t make it– I really want another one of these years. Good luck! I hope you find all the breeds you want (and don’t get too many roosters).

  3. That is one beautiful chicken coop 🙂

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