Ordered Baby Chicks!

After months of research and hours upon hours deciding on which breeds to get for my fall flock, the Japanese Bantams and Delawares ended up being the breeds of choice.

Yesterday, I located both breeds online, some in Texas, the others in Ohio, all I had to do in the morning was order them. So, first thing today I went online and ordered something completely different. *8-| rolling eyes

Black Silkie Bantams

Delivery Date: Sept. 10th from My Pet Chicken

11 thoughts on “Ordered Baby Chicks!”

  1. I got two white and one black silky bantams in July. I love them. They are such chill and friendly chicks. 🙂

    1. No kidding! Spent two hours this morning getting ready. The coop I’ve used for the last 5 years is gone. Now I’m converting the chicken hospital into a coop. That mean isolating birds is going to be a problem down the road. Oh well, cross that bridge later… lots of time.

    1. They do! A new breed for me, exciting! I picked them because they are super broody. I’m gonna use them to hatch purchased fertile eggs. 🙂

  2. “Dear valued customer, Thank you for your recent order for 500 Black Silkies. Before we ship this large order to you we just wanted to verify your order. You do realize our “barnyardchicks.net website sells women’s undergarments don’t you? Just checking since you confused us when you asked if the black silkies are sexed before shipped. NOTE; We do not pre-wear any of our undergarments or have sex in them as that is just plain nasty. Plus our women here are all old and pretty well into menopause and just the thought of having sex in 500 pairs of black silky underwear sent some of them into a swoon.

  3. They are beautiful!! My dad for many years of his life had different kinds of Bantams and I loved them all. Hope you will post pictures of them often. Hugs

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