Landscaping, Has TV’s Dirty Jobs Seen This?

I think a little credit is due here. This is my landscaper walking a narrow fence line six feet high to trim my tree. Yikes, that’s a long way up for this guy all of about four feet tall. Well, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration… or not.

Walking the fence is maybe dangerous, but it’s nothing compared to what he did an hour later… in 110 degrees I might add.

Attached TBN Landscaper 8 27 2013 photo Landscaper82013_zpsa1b28581.jpg

TBN Ranch

As you can see, my palm tree is gigantic, he climbed all the way to the very top… and trimmed it with a chain saw. Yep, hanging from a tree with a piece of machinery capable of cutting his leg off. Yikes!

 photo 2013-08-27083834_zps4974d7ba.jpg

TBN Ranch

My landscaper works six days a week from dawn till dusk in Phoenix temperatures that soar well over 115 degrees. Not sure if he’s a hero… or a guy with a death wish.

Tab for the job… $180, tough, dirty job, but not bad pay for three hours work!

Looking for a dangerous new career?


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