My Forest in the Desert

Can you tell I’m a Wisconsin transplant in Arizona? I love my pine trees! They are about 7 years old now, when I planted them they were only 4ft tall. These stunning beauties aren’t the ordinary landscape here in the heart of Phoenix. But it looks like that’s changing…

 photo 0d84d1fe-8bb9-422c-ac21-9bcfa43cd673_zps15a40ec5.jpg

TBN Ranch

New people just bought the property next store. They had six pine trees delivered last month…  I wonder where they got such an idea! That’s great news for me, but wait till they see their next water bill. *:-O surprise

 photo cb78a2fe-fa1c-454c-8a6d-bb500d854db3_zpscea15464.jpg

TBN Ranch


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amy elizabeth, writer, author, antique dealer. Lives in the northeastern reaches of the Sonoran Desert on a small hobby farm.
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7 Responses to My Forest in the Desert

  1. Mags Corner says:

    Those trees are beautiful! Hugs

  2. p3farm says:

    Being from WI and never been to AZ, how often do you need to water the planted trees??

  3. Speaking of a forest for the desert, have you considered Moringa trees?

  4. Rit says:

    We have some too. they are worth it.

  5. Getting shares in the water company?!

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