Arizona Hay Prices, August Update

Hear the Problem, Loud and Clear

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Beamer, TBN Ranch

Hay prices are high in our great state of Arizona, after reading this article by, I’m still finding the reason… disturbing.

Last week I paid $15.99 a bale for good quality Bermuda hay from Pet Club in North Phoenix.  The other local hay retailers are selling hay at a little better price, but the hay is such poor quality I got tired of sending it back.  It’s pretty bad when a donkey who’ll usually eat anything, won’t eat it.

pelletsIn an attempt to stretch my hay supply, I’m supplementing with Bermuda Blend pellets. Not a bad thing I suppose, everybody loves them, and it’s easy for me to stock pile feed without paying delivery charges as often on hay.

Here’s the Scoop on Hay Prices…

There is  high demand for Alfalfa overseas in China as feed for dairy cows and elsewhere which in turn, diminishes our supplies in the U.S… Read Article 

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2 Responses to Arizona Hay Prices, August Update

  1. A New Path says:

    That is sad when it’s so bad a donkey won’t eat it.

  2. shadowlilies says:

    Oh, that’s sad…but I love the picture of Beamer and your title!

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