Is your Chick a Rooster? Identifying Traits of a Cockerel

How many times have you wondered if a pullet was a rooster? Here is some good info to help you learn more about the behavior of cockerels. Most of us just wait until the obvious, we all learn as we go, and there’s nothing wrong with that! But, let’s not ever rule out what other chicken keepers have learned and are willing to share…

This article offers some valuable information that might be very helpful in sexing young birds.

The many signs of rooster  by the Sustainable Scientist


Rooster or Pullet?

Just like humans, chickens are all the same when they are babies. Boy or girl, they squeak and chirp, and cling to their mom. But chickens grow up quickly…  Read More

What is your clue in deciding the sex of a young chicken?

Personally, I look at the circumference of the legs. The roos legs look thicker and sturdier even at a very young age…. sometimes.  lol


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3 Responses to Is your Chick a Rooster? Identifying Traits of a Cockerel

  1. In the past I’ve noticed the roo’s crest is slightly more pronounced (depends on breed) from as early as 2 or 3 weeks. My latest two chicks are gauloise dorée (the emblematic French rooster breed), and, at almost 2 months, the crests are the same but the feather colouring is different – I’ve been told the male is darker at the front. I’ll post updated pictures on my blog this week.

    • tbnranch says:

      Please do, I haven’t heard of this breed and am very interested to see. More pronounced chest… I’ll watch for that too! It’s complicated, and although we all have our ways to determine, sometimes it just ends up being a waiting game. I have silkie bantams coming today from My Pet Chicken…. and they are suppose to be sexed, we’ll see how that works out. ha ha

  2. bulldog says:

    Great info… will certainly study the chicks a little closer from now on…

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