Saguaro Bird Condos

There are five giant Saguaro cactus on our property, all of them are scarred with holes made by birds for their nests. These little shelters are highly sought after, especially by sparrows. We call them the luxury condos because there is a constant battle over occupancy.

 photo a29cf4aa-d322-4e6f-88d4-0e6aa71a3a5a_zpsb95c2032.jpg

Sparrows build their nests inside the holes, constructed mostly of horse hair, bermuda hay, and the pine needles found on our farm. In the spring when the horses shed their winter coat, all the nests are lined with soft multicolored horse hair, in the summer, pine needles and scrub tree twigs are all that’s available.

 photo 2013-09-15092636_zpsc183fce6.jpg

The doves build their nest on the arms of the Saguaro Cactus, using mostly scrub tree twigs, this bird found a feed bag pull string to weave into hers too!

 photo 2013-09-15092518_zps754b9810.jpg



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  1. Rita A. says:

    How fun to notice these little things. It might be interesting to leave out bits of colored string or something and see if it ends up in a nest.

  2. bulldog says:

    This is just such a good share.. with great photos too…

  3. Smart birds! Oh I have a post going up tomorrow morning it mentions you and this blog in it. 🙂

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