Silkie Chicks 1 Week Old Today

Getting strong and growing fast…

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Too Cute!

9 thoughts on “Silkie Chicks 1 Week Old Today”

  1. Awww to cute! I had a question, is your website set up through We’re looking at moving wePoets into a website but are worried about whether or not we will sitll have a like button and how easy it will be for people to sign in an comment?

    1. This site isn’t but I have another that is. You can see my .org here:
      If you are planning on using another server to support a WP .org site, you can use a WP theme template, but be warned, it is not very user friendly. You can DL Apps for your specific needs, but is it simple? Not really, I had a lot to learn! If you have basic knowledge of code, you’ll have an easier time figuring things out.

      1. Wow. My partner on wePoets is the tech person. I’ would be lost with code. So tbnrach if it isn’t .org what is it? What would you recommend that is easier? Thank you for you help. We want to generate and income as we grow and being we need to become a website to do so, WP doesn’t allow much. We just have the $99 package through wp right now. I’ll take any suggestions you migh have to offer if you wouldn’t mind.

    2. You can’t sell anything on WP, but you can use their themes and the dashboard which looks almost the same, minus the features such as “likes”, stat counter, etc. You just have to have a different web server, I suggest Small Orange. Go to Small Orange and start an account, from there it will be explained how to build a web-site using a WP format and theme. Just a heads up, Go Daddy is very popular, but I found it very difficult, and their tech support is lousy. Small Orange is always there when I need them, day or night.

      1. My big concerns is the “like” button. The last website I had set up which failed was in part do to not having a like button. The other issue was people had to sign in everytime they wanted to leave a comment. It became a huge mess and now it’s shut down. I lost hundreds. I had hired someone who I thought knew what they were doing and it turned out they didn’t. Do people have to sign in every time they want to leave a comment on your site? Thank you for telling me about Go Daddy and Orange! I was considering Hostgator but I’m going to look at Orange now, I’ve never heard of them. 🙂 I really appreciate your help!

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