What a Mess!

In about 3-4 weeks it will be time to move the chicks from brooder to coop. It doesn’t look too bad from this picture, but the inside is a total train wreck. Been working on making it suitable for young birds a little bit each day, but as you can see…

Attached TBN Chicken Coop 2 9-19-13 photo b7097c9d-ada9-4861-9f27-3ba8211d28c1_zps7fdb8240.jpg

there’s a lot to be done. I still need to lift the dog chicken house off the ground, and put plywood all around the bottom 15 inches on the enclosure itself.  Then I’ve got some minimal winterizing to think about.

Attached TBN Chicken Coop 9-19-13 photo 2013-09-19104620_zps116539ed.jpg

The weather is supposed to be cooler starting next week, if that actually happens and we stay out of the 100’s, I should have this all done in plenty of time. I’ll post after pics when I finish!

2 thoughts on “What a Mess!”

  1. With your winter approaching I would have expected you to already have dropping temps… ours are climbing at a tremendous speed, seem to have missed spring and gone direct to summer…

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