Progress on the Make-Do Chicken Coop

The cooler mornings have given me a chance to transform the old isolation coop into something suitable for the new chicks. The bottom perimeter is still unfinished and it’s not winterized, but I’ve still got 3 weeks.  I tore down my rotten years old chicken coop a few months ago, and I still don’t have the chicken coop I want, so… until I do, this will work.

 photo 8d3312f4-f139-4608-b9ad-082d9194d87f_zpsbb9c0562.jpg

Maybe I’m being a brat, but I’m not settling for anything less than the super spendy chicken house I still can’t afford. I’ll wait… and save my pennies, because it’s sooooo worth it! The coop is built by a local guy here in Phoenix. It’s 2×4 construction and comes with 8-16 nest boxes, roost, shingled roof, and paint.  I’m having it painted red and white to match the brooder outbuilding. Price tag, $1,300… ouch.


If your interested in one too, email me for the details.


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  1. bulldog says:

    Nothing’s cheap any more…

  2. We made our chicken coop out of an old shed, just added a pop hole, nest box, perches and hey presto, a super duper chicken coop!!

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