First Time Freedom

Read a heartwarming post by Crossroads – Cathryn Wellner about hens rescued by Animal Place, a sanctuary for farmed animals. This video captures the chickens very first moments of freedom.

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Animal Place

Founded in 1989 Animal Place is one of the oldest and largest sanctuaries for farmed animals in the country. Nestled on 600-acres in Grass Valley, CA, Animal Place provides refuge to hundreds of neglected farmed animals…  Read More

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7 Responses to First Time Freedom

  1. Jo Bryant says:

    thanks for this. when I was at uni I did a speech on battery hens that forever changed me…the cruel way this hens live horrified me and still does. Sadly in NZ there are so many of them. Our egg producers had too much clout with the government and change is very slow in coming

    • tbnranch says:

      I have my doubts that change will ever occur. Sad but probably true. Few of us really see where are food comes from. Everything we eat is all nicely packaged in a grocery store… what we don’t think about it how it got there. All I know is it’s an ugly story I’m guilty of ignoring when I buy our dinner. 😦

      • Jo Bryant says:

        The way our food is raised and prepared is responsible for my going vegetarian. While I do still eat eggs they are free range only. I just can’t be part of the cruelty now I have seen it.

  2. Littlesundog says:

    Sweet and heartwarming! Thank you for making me aware of this awesome project!

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