Silkie Chicks 5 Weeks Old

Girls? Well, I have my doubts. Silkies are a new breed for me, so I’m having to rely on those who can better identify the early characteristics of their gender. According to the Silkie forum on (the chicken bible,) there is good reason to question the accuracy of my female sexed chicks from My Pet Chicken.

I’ll wait and see, until then, I will enjoy watching them grow and try not to worry that I may not be able to keep them all. Buying sexed Silkie Bantams is a gamble, so I’m wondering…

Will I be Lucky?

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    1. Your very welcome. I think you will really enjoy raising silkies. I know I do! You will find the breed to be kind and gentle and kind of like the lap kitten of chickens! I’m certain they will bring great joy to you! Silkies are so sweet and if you handle them often as babies you will find they just love human contact! I have a particular silkie that loves to come inside and sit on my lap while I watch tv. She is so special. They usually love to be petted and will fall aslep in the lap. Make sure to give vitamins A D and Espically E because silkies can be prone to wry neck. Which is a twisting of the neck due to lack of vitamin E. If they do get wry neck they can be treated with vitamin E vitamin B polyvisol children’s vitamin without iron and selenium in very small amounts to help absorb the E. This should cure the wry neck if it happens. I wish you the best and I think you will really enjoy this breed! I know I do. in fact I have all silkies I love the breed so much. They really are are special! Hope this helps and enjoy your babies! This is such a fun breed! God bless.

      1. Thanks for the great info! 🙂 Maybe you could tell me if I can move my 5.5 week old silkies from the brooder to the coop? It is no colder than 54 at night. They are now with only a Brinsea brooder, heat lamp has been off for a week. I’m not used to Bantams, they still look so small, but I have a feeling they are ready to face the real world!

  1. Hi I raise silkies also and I get mine dna sex tested.if you have your doubts a lab called accumetrics will test 1 to 9 samples for only 10 dollars. Its in canada. You can send plucked chest feathers making sure the feathers have the cuticle attached that’s the white part of the quill of the Feather. They will send you a free sample kit you can send it back with the feathers and within a week you will know for sure. In silkies females usually have a round pom pom of a crest and male crests tend to swoop toward the back. Remember the higher quality of the silkie the fuller and rounder the crest will eventually become. If your questioning your birds it might be worth the ten dollars to confirm sex. My males have always swooped toward the back this is better seen during side profile. Females are round. Show quality birds crests are very full and round in females. Pet quality are also round but may not be as full. birds must be around 2 to 2 1/2 months that’s 8 to 10 weeks old before these characteristics become visiable. Hope this helps out. This lab is very afforable so if your curious id send the dna in and find out for sure. They sure are cute and I wish you the best of luck! I’m hoping you got your girls there! Remember silkies go through a awakward stage when young. Without dna they are really too young to guess right now. Wishing you the best!!

    1. Thank you for this info… I had no idea this option was available. I knew about the visible characteristics of the crests… but even that takes some experience to be accurate, and I’m all new to Silkies! Thanks again. 🙂

  2. Hi I had great luck with my silkies from my pet chicken ,they were all hens.Good luck !!!!

      1. Hi there. I don’t mind the questions at all. In fact if you like you can email me directly at When it comes to moving the little buggers outside I tend to be a bit over protective. I usually wait until 8 weeks old. I would wait a couple more weeks. Some would argue and say they are ready now however I tend to like to wait just a bit
        Of course start taking them outside for free range time. But to move them fully outside id wait a bit. Here is a helpful tip I’ve learned that works quite well. Make sure they gradually come into contact with your soil bits at a time. The reason for this is to build their immunity to the cocci in the soil. If immunity is established gradually you are much LESS Likely to get cases of coccidosis. ALL soil has cocci in it and its everywhere so gradually expose your little guys to the soil so they build up a resistance to the cocci before they are taken to live outside full time. Just make sure they have time to play and scratch in the soil and they build a natural resistance to the strain of cocci in the soil. For future you can even bring in small amounts of soil into the brooder for exposure. Then by the time they are ready to permanently move outside their bodies have already developed a resistance to the cocci in the soil and are much less likely to be infected with coccidosis. Your babes are so cute! I also have new ones coming! I’m still waiting on my DNA sexing results then my females can be shipped! I can’t wait! All silkies of course 🙂 I really hope this helps and I’m happy to answer ANY questions that might come up. I never tire of taking about silkies! Write me any time. Your friend lynnette

      2. Thanks! Saved your email… and put a little soil in the brooder too! They’ve been outside in the brooder shed for the last 2 weeks, but I never see them under the brinsea brooder, even at night. This morning it’s 51 and they are scratching around and playing. I picked them up and they were warm as toast. Hmmm.

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