Chicken Coop Renovation … Done!

The chicken coop is finally ready for my Silkie Bantams! They are now six weeks old, still in the brooder, but with minimal heat at night only from a Brinsea brooder.  The red heat lamp was turned off a week ago, and artificial light has been reduced from a no-heat 25 watt red bulb to a wall night light.

If the weather doesn’t show even a hint of rain for the near future, the girls will be moved to this newly renovated coop next Monday… at exactly seven weeks.

Chicken Coop 10-20-13

Chicken Coop 2 10-20-13

4 thoughts on “Chicken Coop Renovation … Done!”

  1. Yay!!!! So exciting! I love the sign outside too… if only that could be true, it’d be so great if they could defend themselves from predators! 🙂

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