Moving Day from Brooder to Coop

Today was the day, even though I had the calendar marked for next week… it was time to move the chicks from brooder to coop.  They are fully feathered at 6 weeks and not at all interested in hanging around a heat source anymore.  They are more interested in making a big mess, dumping their feed all over the place, flinging shavings into the drinker, and chasing each other around in their getting too small living space.

I banded the right leg on all the Silkies with 5 different brightly colored zip ties.  Finally I can tell them apart! That means today is the first day for Peaches, Sunkist, Tulip, Fern, and Rose to have their very own name.

Lift Off!

BB Flock Moving Day 10-21-13

Touch Down!

BB Flock Moving Day 2 10-21-13

20 thoughts on “Moving Day from Brooder to Coop”

  1. Too cute! I lost my black silky (who I named baby, she was seriously like another child of mine) to an owl! The owl went through the little chicken door in the middle of the night and grabbed her. I heard something and found it trying to fly up and out of the run and couldn’t get my poor dead chicken up over the fence. 😦

    Sorry hahaha

    Glad yours are growing and thriving! 😉

    1. OMG, what a tragedy! This year I bought those solar boxes called night guard for predator control. So far, I’m pleased. I also put fake owls everywhere. ha ha!

      Sorry for your loss, 😦

    1. I like to wait until I know for sure they are all pullets, but gosh, I didn’t know who was who! I banded them, and wouldn’t you know, I can hardly see the bands for all those fuzzy little feet. 😦

    1. I didn’t put much effort into it, but at least the names match the colored leg bands. Except maybe for Tulip, are there blue tulips? Don’t know. lol

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