First Rain for the Chicks

Heavy rain is in the forecast starting today at 4pm and is predicted to last through Saturday. This will be the first rain my just over two month old Silkie chicks have ever seen. They’re still not going into their coop at night by themselves. However, last night, when I went to put them to bed they were all gathered on the ladder just one step away from the door. That’s a welcomed improvement, I’m kinda over having to go out to the coop in the dark every night, pick up each bird one by one and place them in their nests.

Coop 11-21-13

Their enclosure doesn’t have a roof, so their coop and the space beneath it is their only source of shelter. It’s all adequate for their comfort, at least it would be if they’d just use it.

So, I spent the morning putting food and water in the sheltered areas, of course this was a major ordeal because I’m never satisfied with a temporary fix. Not only did I want a permanent hanging feeder and drinker, but it had to be somewhat aesthetically appealing too. I know, Really?


My new used garage sale shed on the patio was filled with everything a gal needs to complete this rush order project. I’ve become quite handy with PVC pipe and an array of fasteners…  I love fasteners!

It’s a good morning, everything on the farm has been tied down, covered, locked, and ready to ride out the storm.

Bring it on!

Author: amy elizabeth

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