Junk is Not Always Junk

Pouring rain, in the 50’s,  and I have 10 week old Silkie chicks who haven’t figured out their shelter is the comfort zone. I know in time they’ll all march into their raised dog house filled with hay every night to roost, but for now it’s become a manual job for me.

When weather threatens the chicks well being it’s more than a chore, it’s a problem. I couldn’t keep them safe from the elements yesterday, they were wet, and their food source was in the shelter to keep from ruin. Without a door on the shelter there was no way to keep them inside, so I went to the garage and rifled through my stash of junk treasures looking for a solution.

Last year I bought a new stove, I felt foolish removing the oven racks and saving them, but I did it anyway. They could be used to cover a brooder box, or an emergency make- shift door on a kennel, or maybe to repair a fence.. who knows!  Well, wouldn’t you know, my oven rack was a perfect fit over the opening of the coop for the chicks.  Whew! All the girls are toasty warm in their shelter and Mom can relax without worry.

Big Bang Chicks 11-23-13

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7 thoughts on “Junk is Not Always Junk”

  1. That “just in case” mentality has saved many a chick or person or dog or horse or . . .

  2. Good morning from the frozen prairies. i know exactly what you mean, I keep all kinds of weird stuff then thread it through a solution later in the year, what a perfect answer for your chicks.. now i am off to look at your horses, i do not have room for horses so i am a vicarious rider for now! c

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