Feeding Your Chickens

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Just like with any animal, growing chicks have special dietary requirements that are different than those of adult chickens. Their first main dietary need is a pretty significant amount of protein in order to grow. When chicks are raised by a mother hen, they’ll get their protein by following Mom around and eating the bugs she scratches up for them. If you’re raising chicks on your own, though, the easiest way to get them the protein they need is to feed them “starter feed.” The starter feed Sharon uses is from Reedy Fork Farm. It’s an organic starter feed, which is sometimes tough to find.**

Beyond being organic if possible, you want your starter feed to have higher protein and lower calcium than feed for adult chickens (called “layer feed,” because hens use that extra calcium to form egg shells). This info will be on the bag, so…

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  1. Does that sack read, “Greedy Fork Gigantic Feed Farm?”

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