Today’s Project, a Chicken Coop Roof

I’ve spent the last month getting my chicken coop enclosure just the way I wanted it, but nope, it’s still not right. Today the coop will be stripped naked so a carpenter can put a roof on it.  Oh my.

The chickens are moved to the shed for the day, and tomorrow I’ll probably spend the day trying to put everything somewhat back the way it was.

I’m positive this project will create obstacles that are going to force changes I’m not prepared for. That’s just the way things go when you try to make a structure functional for a purpose other than what it was built for.  Tell you what, someday if we ever sell, this place will have the best covered dog run chicken coop anybody has ever seen!

At least the weather is good, now is the time to get all the outdoor projects done. High today, 74 degrees and sunny.  Pictures tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Today’s Project, a Chicken Coop Roof”

  1. Very cool site. I too have chickens, about a dozen Rhode Island Reds in my backyard. I’m curious, how many different types of chickens will be living in your coup? Is there ever a problem mixing different types of chickens together, or do they all get along fine with one another?

    1. Introducing new chickens to an existing flock is pretty challenging, it’s easier if you have lots of space though. Size matters in the chicken world, so considering that you have heavy or larger birds, putting young or smaller birds such as Bantams could turn an existing territory into a battle ground. In my opinion, drama is best avoided by providing separate areas for new birds. But that’s just me, even though I know they will all get along eventually. I’d just rather pass on inevitably having to patch up those on the lower end of the pecking order.

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