Five Chicken Hatchery Giants We Buy From, Take a Tour

amy elizabeth

Have you ever wondered what the hatchery your chicks came from looks like? These five hatchery giants created a video so you can.  But wait… where’s My Pet Chicken? And why haven’t they given us the same opportunity? Just sayin’ 

On the positive side, I’ve ordered chicks from My Pet Chicken and have been extremely satisfied. My personal experience with Murray McMurray & Ideal Poultry, also excellent.

Cackle Hatchery

Ideal Poultry

Murray McMurray

Meyer Hatchery

Mt Healthy Hatcheries, Inc.

Pecking Chicks

Further Resources –> For an extensive list of hatcheries and suppliers visit the Poultry Connection.

What’s your experience with these or other hatcheries? Anything to add?


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