Tip: How to Keep Water Thawed in Winter

Last Train Vineyard

Rural King was the place to shop this year for our winterizing water supplies. Here is a list of supplies that we obtained for our animals. If you click on the picture, it will take you to Rural King’s website for more information on the products. So far the heated buckets have worked perfectly with dipping temps in the lower 20’s.

The ducks and geese got a new 2 gallon heated water bucket and a 2 gallon black rubber shallow dish. The heated bucket holds over 2 gallons and is the perfect size for the geese and my larger ducks to get their whole heads in for a dip, which is important for their daily grooming needs. My thoughts behind the black rubber bowl is that it may catch some of the energy from the sun and keep the water liquid in the day time. The bowl does get ice…

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