Black Dog

Timmi 2 3-4-14

Timmi’s obedience classes are getting pretty intensive. Lots of new material introduced at each class, and that means at-home training is crucial if Timmi is going to meet class  expectations.  So far, I must say I’m amazed by Timmi’s achievements. Her willingness to please is impressive, she isn’t a confident dog, and can be easily frustrated, but she’s managed to keep that a total secret in class.

Timmi is the only mixed breed dog in the entire class of about 30. The trainer calls each dog by its specific breed for personal instruction many times during the class.  After hearing all these fancy breeds being called to the center,  I have to laugh when my Timmi is addressed simply as the “Black Dog.”

I’ve got one thing to say about that… when it’s all said and done, the purebred dogs may be recognized by their breed, but it’s definitely Black Dog who’s stands out from all the rest for her extraordinary performance in obedience.

Way to go Timmi!

Timmi 3-4-14

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  1. bulldog says:

    Good for Timmi… all my dogs a cross breeds, the best if you ask me, never get sick, always good and lovable…

  2. Awwww! Way to go Timmi indeed!

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