Silkie Bantam’s First Eggs!

Silkies 6 months 3-12-14

Exactly six months to the day and I have eggs from my ladies…  finally!  Another good piece of news is now I know for sure they are indeed pullets. Sometimes you just can’t tell on a SIlkie until they actually lay an egg.

Here’s what I have since Saturday…

Silkie Bantam Eggs 3-12-14

13 thoughts on “Silkie Bantam’s First Eggs!”

  1. My Silkie hen of 10months has successfully hatched and is caring for 7 chicks from 3 different hens. She is the perfect mother and really looks as if she has enjoyed the whole experience. I love all the chicken tips that you give here.

  2. I’m always happy when I start getting those first pullet eggs. Small though they are, there’s just something special about the size and the miracle of it all. Congratulations!!!

  3. Wow and what beautiful eggs they are. You must be so proud of your young ladies. Hugs

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