Silkie Bantam’s First Eggs!

Silkies 6 months 3-12-14

Exactly six months to the day and I have eggs from my ladies…  finally!  Another good piece of news is now I know for sure they are indeed pullets. Sometimes you just can’t tell on a SIlkie until they actually lay an egg.

Here’s what I have since Saturday…

Silkie Bantam Eggs 3-12-14

13 thoughts on “Silkie Bantam’s First Eggs!”

  1. My Silkie hen of 10months has successfully hatched and is caring for 7 chicks from 3 different hens. She is the perfect mother and really looks as if she has enjoyed the whole experience. I love all the chicken tips that you give here.

  2. I’m always happy when I start getting those first pullet eggs. Small though they are, there’s just something special about the size and the miracle of it all. Congratulations!!!

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