Feeding your flock – added extras for your hens

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Last week we talked about formulated feeds, corn, and greens to feed your hens as part of their daily diet. This week we’re looking at tasty treats to let your flock know you love them!

Chicken treats - mealworms Chickens love mealworms!

The majority of your hens’ diet should be made up of commercial formulated feed, such as layers’ pellets, mixed corn, and greens to ensure they get all the minerals and nutrients they need to stay happy and healthy.

Did you know it takes 25 hours for a chicken to make one egg?

This means it’s important for healthy egg production that your hens have access to feed for the entire time that they’re awake. Even when a hen is sleeping she is still building an egg so if her stomach is empty she can’t make the egg. So sending your flock to bed with full crops is essential for egg production.


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