The City is Moving In

Yesterday I received notice of a zoning hearing pertaining to the development of a Master Planned Housing Community DIRECTLY across the street from TBN Ranch.

This is what I won’t see anymore when it becomes a Multifamily Residential District of single-family detached homes.

This means the future of our little country corner in the city, now zoned for livestock, will most likely be compromised as the city grows around us. We will continue to be zoned unrestricted… at least for now.  But I think we all know how that story goes when a new residential city neighborhood gets their first whiff of rural after a summer rain.

TBN Ranch has easy access to 500 acres of mountain trail riding, making it an attractive land parcel for horse owners. However, 40 houses going up will undoubtedly bring traffic to our quiet road. As many as 80 cars per day would not be an unrealistic calculation, this will turn our easy trail access into a hazardous adventure most horseman would rather just avoid.

Our future plans of selling TBN Ranch as a horse property is obviously not going to be our retirement nest egg. So, rather than dwell on that, we are grateful to be young enough to still have the opportunity to turn this place into something more suitable for city property buyers.

I’ll be attending the zoning hearing, and I’m not going to fight the losing battle of growth and change. But, I do want assurance that we’ll be protected by a (Grandfather Clause).

In the meantime, we have some planing to do ourselves. The future is screaming LUXURY PROPERTY… not horse property. Sometimes it’s just wiser to go with the flow, and that time is now.

This sounds like an expensive adventure, but if you know me,  then you already know… I’ll find a way.

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2 Responses to The City is Moving In

  1. Why they insist on developing new land instead of fixing up dilapidated structures already in existence is beyond me. Why let already built sectors of the city crumble? There is no need for expansion into rural areas, but they do it anyway.

  2. It’s too bad. I’m always sad when the city takes over the country.

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