First Time Broody

Tulip is one of three 7.5 month old Silkies that has gone broody for the first time. There are four Silkies total, but one hasn’t shown any interest in motherhood at all. Of the three pullets, two stayed broody for only a week and left the nest. But Tulip has dedicated herself for 18 days now. Next time she’s broody I’ll put fertile eggs under her, and let her be useful while she’s busy not laying eggs.

So far, Tulip has been a good broody pullet. Not one of those scary hens who never seem to leave the nest to eat or drink. She comes out to scratch in the dirt, peck around in the feeder, drink, and back she goes to the nest. I like that!

Broody Tulip 4-18-14

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5 thoughts on “First Time Broody”

  1. When will you take her off the nest? Will she eventually leave it herself after awhile, realizing that her eggs are not going to hatch? My broody hen hatches her eggs, raises the babies for several weeks, then after a few more weeks of “rejoining” the adults wants to go back on the nest. I wonder if this little lady will go back to the nest if her eggs don’t hatch? I’m only a year into raising chickens, so this is all so interesting to me.

    1. She doesn’t even have eggs under her, ha ha. She will give up soon, return to the flock for awhile and probably go broody again. Seems Silkies are always broody. But that what I want them to be, they will be hatching fertile eggs for me just as soon as I’m sure which ones are dedicated to the commitment. I have to buy fertile eggs, we aren’t allowed to have a rooster here and I don’t want to mess with incubators. We’ll see what happens, looks like Tulip will be my hatching machine. 🙂

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