Grooming a Special Brussels Griffon

amy elizabeth 4-2014

amy elizabeth N.D.G.A.A. Certified Groomer

I gave my Brussels Griffon a summer haircut today. Not a traditional Brussels clip, but I don’t worry about what’s correct for his breed standard. Baby Brussels has eye problems so it’s important to keep his face short. He has arthritis in his front legs so it’s difficult for him to stand on three legs while clipping or scissoring his legs… so I don’t ask him to. 

Keeping in mind what’s best for my Brussels, this is what I came up with…

Baby Brussels 4-19-2014

If you would like this haircut for your own dog, this is what to tell your groomer…

#7F (against the grain) schnauzer clip w/no eyebrows
#7F in reverse on top of head and sides of face.
#15 under eyes & between eyes
#15 ears
Tidy beard
Legs left natural
Rounded feet


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  1. Nice job and sooo cute!

  2. You just may have started a new trend… It looks great!

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