Brooder Shed for Silkies and Hatchlings

Finally! This is my finished brooder shed with a custom built brooder box for my Silkie hens and their hatchlings. The shed is 8×10, it was just a bare bones structure with a window, double doors, and two sidewall vents. Today it has vinyl flooring, electric, insulation & drywall, overhead lighting and is temperature controlled.

All my Silkies live primarily in the chicken coop. However, now when a hen becomes *broody she’ll be moved to the brooder shed where she’ll sit on fertile eggs until they hatch. The chicks will then stay with the hen until they’re sold… or moved to their own chicken yard when fully feathered to be later sold as *point of lay pullets.


Broody:  When the hen has an urge to sit on her eggs to try and hatch them.
Point of Lay Pullet: Young female chicken just about to lay,  5-6 months old.


7 thoughts on “Brooder Shed for Silkies and Hatchlings”

  1. Your sight is awesome! I can tell already I’ll be stopping by frequently as you seem to be a treasure trove of information on raising back yard chickens. Thanks for stopping by my little blog.
    As you may have gathered, I just got my first flock. It is obvious I have two “naked necks”/Turkens but I am unsure what the others are yet. One has a kind of mohawk, so I am assuming it is a Polish? Anyway, thanks again!


    1. I’ve never had Turkens so I hope you can offer some information about raising them! I’ve read they are good choice for hot weather climates. If you have a pic of that possible polish, post it here or a link to where it can be seen. Now you have me curious!

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