March 2014, City of Phoenix, New Chicken Keeping Ordinance

 Phoenix Municiple Code 8-7 Poultry and Rodents

The Phoenix Charter and City Code are current through Ordinance G-5898, passed March 19, 2014.

8-7 Poultry and rodents.

(a)    Except as otherwise provided in this article, it is hereby declared to be a nuisance and it shall be unlawful for any person to keep rodents or poultry within the City. No poultry or rodents shall be kept in an enclosure within eighty feet of any residence within the City. Poultry may be kept within eighty feet of a residence if written permission consenting to the keeping of poultry less than eighty feet from a residence is first obtained from each lawful occupant and each lawful owner of such residence. Poultry shall not be kept in the front yard area of any lot or parcel within the City. Poultry and rodents shall be kept in an enclosure so constructed as to prevent such poultry and rodents from wandering upon property belonging to others.

(b)    No more than twenty head of poultry nor more than twenty-five head of rodents nor more than twenty-five head comprising a combination of rodents and poultry shall be kept upon the first one-half acre or less. An additional one-half acre shall be required for each additional twenty head of poultry or for each additional twenty-five head of rodents or for each additional twenty-five head comprising a combination of poultry and rodents. For areas larger than two and one-half acres the number of poultry or rodents shall not be limited.

(c)    No male poultry shall be kept within the City limits except such male poultry as are incapable of making vocal noises which disturb the peace, comfort or health of any person residing within the City.

(d)    All such enclosures shall be kept in such condition that no offensive, disagreeable or noxious smell or odor shall arise therefrom to the injury, annoyance or inconvenience of any inhabitant of the neighborhood thereof.

(Code 1962, § 8-8; Ord. No. G-1207, § 1; Ord. No. G-1367, § 1)

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5 Responses to March 2014, City of Phoenix, New Chicken Keeping Ordinance

    • tbnranch says:

      I know right? This means I have to move my hens from a convenient spot near the house to the barn, which makes it a chore to collect eggs and bring treats and food scraps. At least I can have them, I feel bad for those who can’t meet the footage guidelines. I wonder what happens if you already have chickens and have neighbors less than 80ft away. 😦

      • Our city recently changed zoning laws regarding agricultural animals, but those that had the animals prior to the change got grandfathered in. So, we didnt have to change anything. i’d see if that applies for you too!

  1. Well that settles that. What do they consider rodents? Hamsters?

    • tbnranch says:

      Not sure, rabbits? The ordinance makes it pretty hard for most folks to have chickens in residential areas. 80ft from any resident is a long way… unless you live on a corner lot!

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