Our Chicken Farm is Growing

There’s always room for one more chicken… but I’m not talking just one. I’m preparing for the fall hatch, and that means I need another enclosure for hatchlings. This new space for chickens is 24ft deep x 60ft long and has an interior 10ft x 10ft chicken coop that will keep them safe at night. Tomorrow morning I’m hanging mesh tarps on the pen that will provide 70% UV protection, and hopefully ample shade. This area is completely covered so I’ll have the first- time luxury of not having to worry about my birds during the monsoon season.  🙂

It’s been a very productive year, the brooder shed has been completely remodeled, and the chicken yards and coops have either been repaired or updated. This year the October hatch will consist of two different ornamental breeds…

The Silkie Bantam and Mille Fleur d’Uccle Bantam

I’ve got three broody Silkies right now, unfortunately it’s just too hot here in June to raise and care for chicks. So my ladies are sitting on nothing… I guess they’re just pretending to have a job. In another few weeks we could easily hit 110 to 115 degrees, I really wish they’d leave the nest and just find a shady spot to hang out in. Well they won’t and that’s that.

All I can say is they better be broody in October. If they want to be mother hens on my farm it sure isn’t going to happen when the sun could bake me alive!


Author: amy elizabeth

Writer, Author, Artist, Chicken Keeping Resource Blogger

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