Wild Birds and Chicken Feed

They eat and eat and eat… until there’s nothing left. On average I figure I’m losing at minimum, 3 lbs a day to the wild birds.  It would be more if I didn’t cover the feeder a few times a day. Covering and uncovering chicken feeders can’t be the only solution, but so far that’s all I’ve come up with.

What I need is a flight pen, something capable of keeping even the tiniest of teeny sparrows OUT. Well, I googled chicken flight pen and found this… now I just need to win the lottery. $$$$

aviary dome
20 ft Geodesic Dome Outdoor Aviary Flight Cage by SunriseDomes
Treadle Feeder

Tried the Treadle Feeder… a total FAIL. The chickens just stood on the platform and scratched out all the feed. By the end of the day I had grain everywhere and a billion well fed doves and sparrows.

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