Wild Birds and Chicken Feed

They eat and eat and eat… until there’s nothing left. On average I figure I’m losing at minimum, 3 lbs a day to the wild birds.  It would be more if I didn’t cover the feeder a few times a day. Covering and uncovering chicken feeders can’t be the only solution, but so far that’s all I’ve come up with. What I need is a flight pen, something capable of keeping even the tiniest of teeny sparrows OUT. Well, I googled chicken flight pen and found this… now I just need to win the lottery. $$$$

20 ft Geodesic Dome Outdoor Aviary Flight Cage by SunriseDomes

aviary dome

Treadle Feeder

Tried the Treadle Feeder… a total FAIL. The chickens just stood on the platform and scratched out all the feed. By the end of the day I had grain everywhere and a billion well fed doves and sparrows.


10 thoughts on “Wild Birds and Chicken Feed”

  1. That dome thing is brilliant! Like a chicken green house! Sadly, I have no suggestions on keeping out the wild birds. I just feed everybody, even though I know it is really not cost effective!

  2. The dome looks amazing if not a bit expensive. What we do is keep the pellet feeder in the chicken house so the wild birds don’t get to it. but they do get to the food that we throw the chickens on the ground mid afternoon. I think it is a losing battle.

    1. Yep, netting was what I thought of too. Done it before and it did at least keep out the doves. Unfortunately they get caught in it and I was constantly having to cut holes in it trying to get them out. Last year I had a giant lizard caught in it, and a 5 ft snake. OMG, it was awful! Thanks for you BYC thread! 🙂

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