A Few Tips on Chicken Keeping in VERY Hot Weather

Phoenix, Arizona

Are you prepared for a summer day that might threaten your flock? Don’t wait until it’s too late, here’s a few tips to help you prepare.

The coming week looks like it will keep me busy trying to keep my hens comfortable alive.

Am I worried? Nope… we are prepared and ready to beat the heat.

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Tools of Preparation:

√ Fan
√ Mist System on low
√ Ice Cubes to keep their water cold
√ Shallow pan with 1 inch of water for them to stand in
√ Shade Cloth, lots!

Remember, confined birds are more at risk than free roaming.  Keep a close eye on your flock, watch for panting, holding their wings out from their body, lethargic behavior, or acting as though they are disoriented.  Flood an area for them, let them scratch around in mud, playing in water is a life saver!


5 thoughts on “A Few Tips on Chicken Keeping in VERY Hot Weather”

  1. Thank you for the great information! My birds do free range, and some breathe through open beaks on very warm days. Great timing on this!!

  2. Hoping to keep our one hen and a bunny alive this summer in Peoria,AZ. Am doing all you mentioned but the mist system. Also what size pans do you use for water?

    1. I use those black rubber ground feeders. They don’t seem to get as hot as the plastic ones… and they last forever. Pet club feed stores sell them for under $10.
      Keep the mister on super low, otherwise they just avoid it. If nothing else, it does provide enough moisture on the ground for them to cool off in.

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