Breed of the Week: Silkie

Jim Vyse Arks Chicken Chat

This week we’re looking at the cute and cuddly Silkie – the bird with black skin!

Silkie Chickens Silkie Chickens

This ornamental breed of chicken is one of the most popular both as show birds and as pets. Their black skin and bones make them unique in the chicken world and their fluffy plumage really makes them an attractive addition to any garden, orchard, or outdoor space.

As well as the unusual skin colouration Silkies also have blue earlobes and five toes on their feet instead of the usual four. They are usually calm, docile, and easy to tame which is why they make good birds to exhibit or keep as pets, especially for children.

Silkies generally begin to lay eggs around Christmas time and will stop laying all together over the summer months. They aren’t known for their egg laying abilities but are famed for their mothering skills so if you’re…

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