Keeping Chickens in Summer… Pricey in Phoenix!

Mother nature is testing my chicken keeping skills to the max this week. But in spite  of 114 degree temperatures in the shade without even a hint of a breeze, my hens are all alive and about half are still filling the egg basket! 🙂
Of course I have a few weapons of defense on my side. A mist system, a giant industrial fan, ice blocks, cold fruit, and last but not least… constant monitoring the flock for signs of distress.

 I’m pretty sure the extra cost of electric and water to keep these birds alive this summer could have bought our family, friends, and neighbors, a lifetime supply of store bought eggs, and then some.  Might be a good idea to not tell my husband the eggs he’s eating cost about $6 each. lol

This adorable wire egg basket with a ceramic topper is available at my Country Homestead store. I love it! Stop by my website, there’s more cool stuff for your feathered and furry pets. We are growing, have new sponsors, and I’m excited to share my new business adventure with my blogging friends. Thanks! 🙂




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  1. Cute! I have 2 cream ones myself!

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