The Egg Basket Says it All

Chickens are incredibly adaptable to almost any living condition. They are hardy in inclement weather, require few amenities, no luxuries, and will thrive in modest accommodations with gratitude.

It’s amazing how little chickens really need. But, my hens have proved me guilty of not practicing what I preach.  I didn’t really learn this valuable piece of information until our farm was recently hit by a massive storm, destroying our chicken housing.

Chickens have been around for thousands of years, I knew that, and without anyone endlessly fussing over them either… I knew that too! They’ll eat whatever you give them, and are smart enough to find their own groceries if given the opportunity. Chickens also have a built in GPS system! Like clockwork, they will always return home every night at dusk to roost… once again, I knew that! But regardless, I still searched for my feathered lost storm victims in the middle of the night.

I’ve spent years trying to make my chicken yards the ideal environment to assure a healthy and productive flock. Well, since the storm from hell flattened the chicken palace, my hens are living in primitive shambles… and are egg laying machines. More than ever!

It’s hot (107 degrees) and there’s no longer electric available to run their fan. Do they care? No! They are too busy taking dust baths and foraging through the rubble for whatever eatable prize they might find. If they had chicken lips I’m sure they would be in a constant state of smile.

I may have been forced into this situation of what feels like chicken neglect, but as it turns out, my hens might be better off not having me as an overprotective mother hen. They have proved to me they are not only capable, but willing to accept things as they are… gracefully.

Bottom line, happy hens fill the egg basket…  point taken girls.

Did you know Silkies are classified as fair layers… really?
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