TBN Ranch Slowly Rebuilds

It’s been a month now since mother nature caused havoc on our little farm. There is progress in the rebuild, but it’s SLOW.  The barn has been torn down and hauled away, dirt and gravel has been brought in for the foundation, now I’m just waiting for something to happen.  It seems every crew has another crew they’re waiting on for something.

Not much to see here yet…

Barn Construction 2014

In the meantime, a Quick Trip convenience store has shot up nearly overnight just down the street. Funny how big business has crews for everything all at the same time.

I’m not worried one bit, I hired Curt Boyd Barns & Fencing, in my opinion, the best barn builder in the Valley. He was able to design a custom barn suitable for my specific needs, and he’s been competent in hiring the crews needed to assist him. Unfortunately, with all the storm damage in surrounding areas, every contractor is much busier than usual.

Chicken Update…

The Silkie Bantams are acting like they’re in jail. They aren’t used to being locked up and there’s lots of squawking going on. I’m grateful there hasn’t been any battles in the coop, it’s hot, I can’t give them a fan, and space is limited. Not an ideal set-up, but hopefully they’ll fair well for another month.

Silkies 8-28-14

October is just around the corner and I’m still hopeful for time to hatch Silkie chicks. If not, I guess I’ll just have to buy mail order chicks one more time. Either way, I’ll have a variety of ornamental bantams for sale in Spring.

To learn more about Three Pines Bantams at TBN Ranch, visit and “like us” on Facebook. There’s lots of info from all over the net for those interested in chickens. It is also where I’ll post chicks for local sale.

8 thoughts on “TBN Ranch Slowly Rebuilds”

  1. Glad you’re hanging in there! Poor little silkies… hopefully they’ll hang in there too! Have you tried playing music for them. 😉

      1. In all seriousness… I’d be interested to hear if it helps. Even singing to my girls seems to calm them down… but I never would have thought to try it before. 🙂

      2. I always keep a radio on in my brooder shed for baby chicks. Never thought about using it for the hens… but why not? I’ll try it.

  2. So glad to hear you are progressing, however slowly it may be…it will happen and you will suddenly be thrilled with all the new areas. We have tornadoes and hurricanes here on the coast of Virginia. Lived in CA for a while and went through earthquakes…glad I’m here now!!
    Love your ranch blog and always share with friends who farm too.

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